Hi There!

Welcome to my blog/journal. My name is Kirsten, a lot of people know me as Kiki, and I take each day as it comes. I’ve taken a lot of different paths in my life which has allowed me to meet a lot of different people. I love every. single. person. Seriously, I just love people.

I’ve also changed a lot throughout my life, so if you entered my life in 2015 and we haven’t talked since you probably think I’m totally different than I actually am now. I feel like my whole world perspective changes every 6-8 months and my world turns upside down. It can be really hard, but it’s also beautiful.

I LOVE people. I live for connection & quality time. Every single person is so beautiful and unique. I love sharing and feeling love &  learning what makes people who they are. I believe every person on earth has something they can teach me, and I see every introduction as a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn those lessons.

I’m really open, but I’m also very shy. I will tell a stranger anything they want to know about my life if they ask, but it’s rare for me to start a conversation. After I talk to a person a few times they usually tell me, “You know, I actually thought you hated me” or “You’re a lot different than I thought you were” etc.

I love my people, but I also live for alone time. I always make time for Gossip Girl, piano, writing, hiking and go to foods. I love going to movies, parks, concerts and restaurants alone. I feel things really deeply and pick up on the energy and emotions of people around me so groups can be draining if I’m not mentally prepared.

I love cats and kittens and anything to do with them. No matter how many times I hear a joke about Taylor Swift, she’s been my home girl since 7th grade when I had my first big crush who didn’t reciprocate. I know every single word of every single song she’s ever sang. I don’t wear shoes. Sushi is one of the best foods that exists, and the #1 lesson I’ve learned in my life is that if you’re crying about anything after 12am, the best thing to do is go to sleep.

I never want someone to feel like they need to change for me to talk to them. I have such a strong belief in doing what feels right to you above anything else. So when our paths cross, always be yourself. I love hearing why people believe and live the way they do, and I don’t get offended very easily.

I believe that we have the chance to recreate ourselves each day. Throughout our lives we have the chance to be whatever we want to be, sometimes our life path takes us to both extremes and that’s okay. Just because you used to hate sushi and avocados doesn’t mean you can’t eat them every day now. Hopefully you’re catching my vibes.

If you’ve read this far we will definitely get along so I hope you stick around! I love conversation so never be afraid to reach out and ask questions or share experiences. Thanks for stopping by ❤